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Luay Rifai with Tammam Hamza
New album: Scheherazade 

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Instrumental guitar journey

Luay Rifai has always been fascinated with instruments and the amazing way performing can touch each and every person. From a young age, he always wanted to play challenging compositions. Inspiration was abundant between his medical career and growing up in the world's oldest capital Damascus, Syria. 

Luay's guitar approach revealed high dexterity in original and cunning playing, bringing together his diverse passionate melodic licks and rhythms along with over the top shred-ability, emerging him as a notable instrumental rock guitar virtuoso. Throughout the years, he has been part of numerous genre-specific online communities, participating in various collaboration projects with independent musicians around the globe.

Being a physician further contributed his mind-set and very detail-oriented demeanor of always willing to go the extra step to get the perfect take & feel he's looking for. Luay Rifai is currently a practicing cardiologist.

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